Friday, July 23, 2010

Holy wow

Okay, I'm almost 31 weeks, my shower is tomorrow, the nursery's getting close to being done...and I have two gigantic babies in my belleh! I have no idea how this all happened???

I've neglected my blog so much I'm surprised it's still here. I expected to find the online equivalent of a malnourished orchid left to wither and die, but alas it's still here!

So, new pictures coming this week. My appointments are getting more frequent. Had my first NST (both girls passed with flying colors!), and will have one with every visit to the peri from here on out.

Baby A is still breech, although it feels like she's hanging out in a hammock across the bottom of my uterus. It seriously feels like I have a three-pound trout flopping in there when she moves around. Baby B likes to play with my belly button (J says it's because I wasn't thoughtful enough to provide them with toys to play with in utero) and spends most of her time in a transverse position across the middle of my tummy, pushing out as hard as she can. It is entertaining to see my belly pop out by as much as an inch in places when she gets going!

I know that's not much after an eight week drought, but it's Friday afternoon and I'm ready to be done! I want to take my elephant ankles home, lay on the couch and do nothing for at least three hours. Then I'll go to bed. ;-)