Saturday, November 22, 2008

They had it in red.

So, I splurged. And I couldn't be happier. When picking it out, my husband politely pointed out that all of our major appliances (and most of the small) are black and stainless. But I wanted red. And lucky for me, he loves me enough to indulge me in such matters. Thanks, J!

Oh, and I had a request to share a photo of my monkey chandelier. I found it on a trip to Key West with some girlfriends years ago. Everyone came back from souvenir shopping with tee shirts and hats. I came back with this. What can I say? I really like monkeys.


Mary said...

ooo have fun with the mixer! I love mine!!

I like your chandelier!

Carly said...

ohhh she's beautiful! congratulations :)

Shannon said...

Ain't that a purty mixer?! :)

Ro said...

That is a gorgeous mixer! And I love that chandelier!

Sarah said...

I think it was a religious intervetion that put that red mixer there for you. Who are you to spit in god's face and NOT buy the perfect and lovely red mixer?