Thursday, December 11, 2008

I have Wii arm

My husband and I decided to buy a Wii this Christmas as our gift to each other. I want Wii Fit, he wants the Star Wars Lightsaber game. I want to do yoga, he wants to battle the Dark Lord of the Sith. Whatever the end use, I'm excited to get a video game system that requires at least some mobility. As much as I love our Playstation, the most exercise we get with it is a mean world tour on Rock Band.

So, we got it two nights ago. They are in scarce supply, so when my husband found one, he snatched it up. Of course, being the extraordinarily patient people that we are, we had it unpacked and ready to go by the time we were done with dinner. Fortunately the system comes with a collection of sports games, so in a matter of minutes we had created our Miis (personalized avatars that participate in the games on your behalf) and were bowling. And playing tennis. And baseball. Golf. I even boxed, for crying out loud.

Unfortunately our dog is less than thrilled with the new addition to the family. This mellow creature that seldom barks (not even a peep when someone rings the doorbell) began barking violently at us every time we sent a bowling ball hurtling down the alley. We repeatedly tried to get her to chill out and lay down, but it wasn't until she reared into my backswing and got her head clocked with the controller that she decided to leave the room. (Don't feel bad for her. She's run into sliding glass doors at full tilt and it barely fazed her.)

Anyway, we had a great night breaking in our new Wii. The only problem is, I can now barely move my right arm. I guess that's a good sign, in that I actually used muscles while playing a video game. Hopefully when I get Wii Fit I'll actually work out some useful muscles – because at this rate, all I'm gonna have a right bicep that Mike Tyson would be jealous of.

But I bet I'll also swing a mean light saber.


Shannon said...

What better way to get in shape than with a video game, i love it!

Mary said...

Hmmmm, I may have to invest in a Wii! Have fun with it!

Z said...

I love my Wii! Let me know how the fit is when you get it, I want one. :D