Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Black Tie Optional

Three of my least favorite words in the English language. We have a wedding to go to this weekend for two coworkers of mine from a previous job. I'm absolutely thrilled for them, and am looking forward to seeing some people that I haven't seen in a long time. I just hate dressing up.

Actually, the dressing up itself isn't the worst part. It's the shopping. I'm just not a good shopper for formal stuff. And I hate spending gobs of money on a dress for one night. I actually love the idea of combing consignment stores for that one awesome gown that will transform me into a raven-haired Cinderella for the evening, but the odds of finding the right dress in the right size are astronomical.

I don't have anything in my closet that will work. So, I guess it's off to the mall for me. Yeck. If any of my girls out there have any fashion advice for me before I go, please share!

Looking back, I suppose this is why my wedding was resort casual.


Carly said...

i can't help because i LOOOVE getting dressed up like that :). Macys has been great for me for formal wear... I have even bought some dresses at marshalls. I find at the Black Tie Optional weddings- the majority of women are not in floor length, but tea length or cocktail gowns. You will look gorgeous!

Ro said...

I have pretty much no fashion sense, but I just KNOW that you'll look great!

Mary said...

I'm with Carly - something tea length would look great on you! Macy's and Nordstram Rack have never failed me.

I LOVE to get dressed up!!

Sarah said...

I vote toga!