Tuesday, December 22, 2009

One down, eleventy billion to go!

So, I survived my first injection. Of course. It wasn't bad, although the area around it did get red and itchy. It went away after an hour or so, so I figured it wasn't worth calling the doctor about. (Irritation at injection site is something to watch out for, but it's not like I broke out in hives all over or anything.)

Then I made a mistake. I googled some videos on administering injections, how to mix Menopur, you know, fun things like that, and I made the mistake of watching a video of someone giving themselves a PIO shot. (Progesterone in Oil). Holy cow, that's a big needle. Fortunately I don't have to start that one for a while, so I'm going to try to block the memory of that video out and be proud of my ability to handle the little needles for now!

In other news, I have officially finished my Christmas shopping and have the turkey in the fridge. Short of wrapping a few more presents and cleaning up a little around the house, I do believe we are ready to host our second major holiday in under a month! This one will be for a much smaller crowd, though, so I think we'll survive.

'Tis the season!


gringa78 said...

One step at a time...don't worry about those PIO shots. I did the same thing...watched utube and freaked my shit right out. You'll just do them like you do the others like the hardcore chick that you are. You should have seen me laughing my ass off at the girls wincing at their H1N1 shots. You'll be doing the same.

Sarah said...

What Gringa said - ignore the future shots and focus on the other ones right now.

Maybe the first shot caused itchiness because when you introduce that mixture to awesomeness there is a reaction? That's it, I'm going to med school.