Friday, December 11, 2009

Our poor little tree

So, we're not doing a real tree this year because my parents are coming to us to celebrate, and my mom's insanely allergic to evergreen trees. We decided it would be more fun to have her be able to actually be IN the house, so J brought home an artificial tree from the theater.

Of course, once he got it home we realized it's the tree WE donated to the theater several years ago when we started getting live trees. Circle of life? Circle of plastic and fake pinecones? Something like that.

So, we've got Barbie up, and she's pre-lit, so she's already got her lights glowing. (What? You don't name your trees? I normally name them something really cool like 'Bob', but J dubbed this one Barbie 'cause she's pretending to be a real tree, but still looks fake. I threatened to smush in some of her middle branches to give her a more hourglass shape, but J didn't seem to think that was such a good idea.)

Where was I? Oh, yeah. She's up, and she's lit, but she's mostly naked. At this point her only decorations are a small decorative pumpkin left over from Thanksgiving (my contribution) and a Ravens baseball cap for a tree topper (J's contribution.)

We can't decorate this weekend, so she's gonna stay like that until at least Monday.

Poor Barbie! At least it's marginally better than spending the holidays stuffed in a box in the basement of the theater.


Sarah said...

We're going to need to see a pix of this glorious tree!

Carly said...

so many things i could say about a naked barbie- but i will abstain.
decorating really is a lot of work and time consuming!