Tuesday, March 9, 2010


Well, the babies were a day shy of being old enough to have the NT scan done yesterday, but we still got a nice, long look at each of them. Baby A was nice and cooperative (I'm sure that means she's a girl) and Baby B was rambunctious and doing somersaults through most of the scan (so of course the difficult one is a boy). We've got four arms, four legs and two very strong heartbeats.

Oh, and apparently I've sprouted a new fibroid as well. The good news is the doc says that it's very rare that fibroids actually create an issue for the babies. It may be less than fun for me to have a third, uninvited guest at the uterine party, but honestly I couldn't care less. As long as these babies are healthy, that's all that matters.

So, enough blather and on to the good stuff! Baby B was so busy doing acrobatics the ultrasound tech couldn't get a good shot of them together. So, here are their first individual class pictures!


Mrs. B said...

They are just beautiful! Congrats!

Anonymous said...

I am so happy for you. The pics are beautiful!

Shannon said...

Ahhh! They are already so darn cute!

rls07 said...

Yey!!! Such cute little twins! Sorry about the fibroid though.

Cat said...

That is so incredible! Look at those little things.

Mary said...

Well hello little babies! I can't wait to meet you!

Ro said...

Beautiful babies!

gringa78 said...

Beautiful babies!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hua said...

Hey flojat,

Your babies are beautiful and I am glad to hear they are healthy. I hope the rest of your pregnancy goes well. I'm looking forward to more updates on your twins.

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