Monday, December 13, 2010

Takes a licking

NOTE: This post won't make sense without the pictures. Which are posted here.

My understanding is that most twins start noticing each other at about four to five months of age. Now, I’m certainly not going to start with the “my girls are already playing patty cake together!” posts. Far from it. In fact, I’m fairly certain they’re not going to roll over until they’re two, given the amount of interest they’ve shown in it thus far. So this isn’t a milestone post, it’s a “what are we in for?” post.

Because Bridey found her sister this weekend. Boy howdy, did she!

J had both girls on their playmat, and Marley was happily kicking things. And Bridey? Bridey was happily licking things. Namely her sister. On the side of her head.

We knew Bridey had a penchant for trying to eat her sister. This picture? Looks innocent, right? Except Bridey’s not headed in for a sweet nuzzle. She’s trying to eat Marley’s shoulder.

In fact, we have any number of photos of Bridey trying to eat things.

All cute in her Santa hat? Yes, until she leans over and tries to take a bite out of the ball dangling at the end.

Chilling with mom on the ottoman? Yup! But check out this face…she’s going after my hand while trying to look all innocent.

So, Sunday they’re on the floor with daddy, and J starts cracking up. I head over there to find my youngest daughter LICKING the side of her sister’s head! When I pulled out the camera she got all doe-eyed and innocent, but as soon as I put it away, she started in again. Poor Marley looked like a rather confused ice cream cone.

Marlowe actually had a matted spot on the side of her head the rest of the day. I probably should have brushed it out, but where’s the fun in that?

I thought this was a cute little picture of my newborns in the hospital. Turns out Bridey was already plotting against her sister.

No one’s safe in this house. Not the bear.

And certainly not her sister.

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