Thursday, February 12, 2009

I feel like I'm in limbo

My 90-year-old grandmother is in declining health, and I'm waiting for a phone call. She's several states away in Missouri, and I'm waiting to hear from my mom what our plans are. I think my mom is going to fly up to be with her, and dad and I are going to drive. (He doesn't do well flying because of his own health condition, but my mom's afraid she may be too late if she makes the drive with him.)

Despite being named after her, I haven't always had the closest relationship with my grandma. But there's still something to being able to say goodbye.

I'm trying to get my work cleared off my desk in case I need to leave tonight.

It's just a strange feeling not knowing what's going to happen. Am I going to be starting a two-day road trip with my dad this time tomorrow? Or will I be sitting right here still waiting?


Elisa said...

oh, i'm sorry - that has to be so difficult...i'll be thinking of you

Mary said...

Oh, Sweetheart. I'm so sorry. Please let me know if you need anything at all.


♥RedRose101307♥ said...

I'll be thinking of you doll!

Shannon said...

I have been thinking of you since I read your blog earlier. I heart you

gringa78 said...

I'm so sorry about your grandmother. I'm thinking of you, hun.

Also wanted to let you know that you have an award to pick up at my blog. :)