Friday, May 15, 2009

Routine Fridays

Since I'm getting fairly good at the Random thing, I figured it's become routine. Mostly I just wanted to shake up my "recent posts" list, as it's completely full of these things. Anyway, on with the show.

1) It appears as though we're going to Hawaii in about ten weeks. I figure if I can lose two pounds a week, I might actually feel up to putting on a swimsuit by then!

2) Sugar-free Jolly Rancher: 8.5 calories. One Twizzler stick: 35 calories. One bite-sized (not fun-sized) Heath Bar: 40 calories. Quitting smoking is not going to help with #1 above.

3) Does the inventor of the sock monkey have their own Wikipedia page?

4) Why are most acceptable finger nail polish colors in the red/pink family? Why not yellow or green?

5) Do you have a favorite acronym? I think mine's scuba. (Self-contained underwater breathing apparatus, in case you were wondering.)


goeckie said...

I have a least favorite acronym - it's the system I work on at work - NASTI. I can't tell you what it stands for on the interweb.

Shannon said...

Hawaii?! How did I miss this? So exciting!

Anonymous said...

God I love your lists!

1) If you'd put on 100 pounds, could you tell the kids you weren't going to play at the beach with them?

2) Me, too. Sorry.


There is no given inventor. However, they say, "John Nelson, a Swedish immigrant to the United States, patented the sock-knitting machine in 1869, and began manufacturing work socks in Rockford, Illinois in 1890." Those socks went on to be the socks that monkeys were made of.

Kinda like the stiched Marines, I guess.

Love you!

Anonymous said...

Was too into the sock monkeys, forgot to answer 4 & 5. Tee hee! Sorry!

4) The only color of polish I ever wore was black. And sometimes some White-Out. And sometimes mixed. Sorry, no help here.

5) NIDBTFA (No I Don't, But Thanks For Asking.)

Love you again!