Wednesday, July 15, 2009

That'll teach him to shoot at my house

We were enjoying a nice dinner last night when we heard what sounded like someone opening a champagne bottle in our living room. I got up and checked, but there were no rogue sommeliers in the house, and I saw nothing out of place. We went back to eating, and two minutes later there was a knock on our door.

Apparently our next door neighbor happened to look out his window at the exact right time and saw the neighbor punk from across the street shooting at our front door with a paintball gun.

Long story short, there were no parents or adults home; this 12 or 13 year old was home alone with his much younger sister. We made him wash off the paint, called the neighborhood mall cop (who was at least 18 himself - glad our HOA dues are going to good use!) and I put the fear of god into him about playing with guns of any type.

The good news is he was a horrible shot and missed our dormer window three times. The even better news is he seemed contrite, and promised me he would never handle a gun again without adult supervision. Who knows if he was telling me the truth, but if our little adventure with him prevented a serious gun-related accident in the future, it was worth it.

Now we just wait and see if the father responds to the note J left for him. The only other time we've talked to him was the day he moved in and backed into our friend's car. It's a beautiful day in the neighborhood!


Shannon said...

What a little punk :) Hopefully he learned his lesson!

Sarah said...

How scary would it have been if you HAD discovered a rogue sommeliers in your house?!

Make sure the dad got the note and the punk kid didn't destroy it.

How old am I that I used the term "punk kid"...?

Ro said...

Way to take care of business, Kat!

Anonymous said...

To all concerned:

There were no rogue sommeliers.

He was a little punk, no matter how old you are when you call him that.

Dad didn't get the note, but that's a fun story to tell over cocktails.