Thursday, August 13, 2009

Tuesday Morning

As of right now, my surgery is scheduled for August 25th, sportsfans, which is a week from Tuesday. Which is decidedly better than this coming Tuesday, which was going to be a possibility until I got side checked by someone else's unruly girly parts also needing surgery.

The good news is, that gives me another week to have my house in order. I'd ideally like to be caught up on laundry, have the fridge stocked and maybe some meals in the freezer to tide us over for the next month or so. I'd also like the house to be squeaky clean, so it doesn't degenerate much during my downtime.

If my husband is going to be doing things around the house during my recovery, I would rather it revolve around bringing me yummy things to eat and entertaining DVDs to watch. Oh, and maybe a foot rub or two. I'd rather NOT find him in the laundry room. (Flashbacks to stories about him trying to wash his jeans in a dishwasher and socks drying in a microwave – no thank you!)

So, a few more items to check off the list and I'll be good to go:

• Bloodwork next Thursday or Friday.
• I need to make sure the hospital has WiFi (that's considered an inalienable right at this point, correct?)
• Take off my perfectly good pedicure (does anyone know why you can't have nail polish on during surgery? I'm too lazy to Google.)
• Oh, and I should probably call my insurance company to give them a heads up. Verifying in-network and all that jazz.

Here's where I type a witty ending, which I'm having trouble coming up with. Sorry, sportsfans.


bbjoys said...

Oh, flo, I am wishing you the very best. ::hugs::

Amy said...

I'm glad you got your surgery scheduled so you can get this over with and move on. I wish you the best and I'll be praying for you!

goeckie said...

I've never heard of having to remove your nail polish for surgery. I actually got a pedi right before my c-section and the nurse commented on how good it looked, not that I had to remove it.

Mary said...

That is stupid! If a girl has to have surgery at least her tootsies should be able to be pretty!!

You are in my prayers every single night. I wish I could be there in person for you.


gringa78 said...

Hey Kat!! I could have written your post before my ER...I did the same stuff...trying to have everything in order. :) I'm thinking about you because I know this whole situation is a PITA and nervewracking...Hang in'll be overwith before you know it. ((HUGS))

Lyse2143 said...

I am on the "Let me have pretty tootsies" couch. I wish you the best lady! I'll be thinking about you.

Z said...

You can't have nail polish on because you'll be on constant monitoring for your oxygen levels and the monitor they use is clamped onto your finger. It reads the oxygen in your blood through your fingernail. Oxygen is really important to that alive thing, especially since you'll be under anesthesia. :)

Sounds like you'll be super prepared and be ready.