Thursday, September 3, 2009

I'm a slacker

I thought being stuck at home would make me better on the whole blogging thing. And that I would have oodles of time to watch movies and read books. No such luck.

I'm not sure where my time goes. Well, today I do. I've spent an ungodly amount of time on Live Chat with various Comcast representatives who are apparently completely incapable of making my On Demand or HBO channels work. What I would like to be doing is laying on the couch actually partaking of these digital wonders. Sigh.

I am working from home now, which is nice. I go back to the Dr. next Wednesday, and hope that he will clear me to drive and go back to work, at least part time. I'm supposed to be on house arrest for four weeks, but I'm doing so insanely well that I can't imagine he's going to enforce that. I hope.

I think I'm going to go pop in a DVD and pretend my cable's working. Maybe Comcast should start spending less money advertising how great their services are and more on actually getting the services to work.


Juls said...

I just had the same issue with Comcast for the last month-thankfully they just sent me a new box-knock on wood!!

Good Luck,

Lindsey said...

I would be so mad that Comcast wasn't working, especially when you're stuck at home all day! This is the premo time to watch TV.
Glad you're doing so well hun!