Friday, October 16, 2009

A mostly naked man in my parking lot

This morning, a friend and I were talking in front of our office building and observed a car pull in our parking lot. The man driving parked at the far end of the lot (which was only three rows away from us or so), got out, and proceeded to take his suit jacket, tie and dress shirt off.

He definitely had our attention at this point, and we joked as he threw on a tee shirt that we wondered if he would change his pants as well. Oblivious to our presence, he reached into his passenger door and proceeded to take his pants off. The door blocked him from his waist to his mid-calves, but HELLO. He was standing in our parking lot without any pants on!

He pulled on a pair of jeans, slipped into some sneakers, got into his car and pulled out of the parking lot. As he was pulling out, he glanced in our direction for the first time and realized we had watched the entire quick change. I've never seen someone accelerate so quickly, his face as red as the stop sign he blew through to get away from us.

Job interview? Exhibitionist? Modern-day Superman lamenting the lack of phone booths these days?

We never did agree on an explanation, but we've been giggling about it all day.


Sarah said...

I bet he knew you were there the whole time and wanted to put on a little show you lovely ladies.

That, or the Superman theory totally makes sense.

ccbanana said...

I love random events like this. I would have given him a big thumbs up for adding a little spice to your day ;)

Mary said...

Im gonna pick the superman theory. How weird!

Cat said...

That's funny. I will admit to a parking lot change or two. But never actually out of the car!


Carly said...

this made me giggle- i would have been dying if i saw that :)