Friday, November 20, 2009

Thanksgiving starts tomorrow!

Well, my stepdaughter gets here tomorrow evening, which is the beginning of the Thanksgiving Season in our home. It's been a full year since we've had her for a week's visit in Florida. Entirely too long. The reasons why would completely fill another blog, but let me just say that I will be really happy when the Family Court of a certain midwestern state hears our case and fixes our visitation problems.

We will have a house full of family most of the week, and a huge gathering of family and friends for food and fun on Thursday. Unfortunately, I have to work on Friday. It's the weirdest thing. Our agency owner doesn't give us the day off, but we usually get let go around noon. However, we may have to stay till three or four. We literally don't know until the HR person comes and tells us to go home.

I think the idea is we will opt to take a vacation day, which means we're not getting an extra day off with pay. Thing is, I can't justify losing a day's pay (or burning a vacay day) for what usually amounts to a half day's work.

Sigh. So, once again I will pry myself out of the house on Friday morning while everyone else sleeps in and then enjoys a big breakfast together. The joys of being a modern woman!

What about you? Do you get Thursday off? Friday? How's your Turkey Day shaping up this year?

I guess I should shut my trap and just be thankful I don't work in retail!


♥ HisLovf ♥ said...

I get Friday off, but M had to ask for it; his store will be open. It's the stupidest thing. I have a love/hate relationship with Black Friday.

Sorry you have to work :(

Shannon said...

Hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving, even if you have to work on Friday!

gringa78 said...

Sucks you have to work on Friday, but have fun with your SD and enjoy Thanksgiving!!!

Sarah said...

Have the best Thanksgiving ever lady! Want me to kick your company? I'll do it.

Carly said...

I hope it was wonderful and that you guys have fun with SJ!