Sunday, January 10, 2010

And still waiting

I thought I would be in the process of having my transfer right about now, but the nurse called ten minutes before we left the house and told us we were moving to a six-day transfer.

I've spent the last hour Googling, and am choosing to believe the nurse when she said this isn't a bad thing. At least we've got four embryos in early blastocyst stage. That's a good thing. I'm going to hold on to that and not worry about egg quality or why all four of them are a day behind where they'd like them to be.

At least this way I'll be able to take down the Christmas tree today.

That should keep me busy for at least half an hour or so. Sigh.


Shannon said...

Im sure its an ok thing, dont worry! Im so excited for you, Kat!

Amy said...

So sorry you have to wait, but at least that's one day less in the 2ww right? :)

Raskind17 said...

Maybe this just means when they are transferred, delivered, and are born, "they" will always run late to things ;) I really hope this is it for you and I totally wouldn't worry about having to wait longer. Honestly, if it was a bad thing I am sure your RE would have called you instead. And like Amy said, at least that is one less day in the 2WW!!

Ro said...

Don't worry, love. Those little embies are going to do great!