Friday, January 8, 2010

Can't sleep

I keep waking up between 2:30 and 3:30 in the morning. And once I'm awake, I'm thinking. How are the embies doing? Is this going to work? What if it doesn't work? Will there be any to freeze? How on earth am I going to go through the transfer with a full bladder?

This last one is the one that's really getting me. I've had two surgical procedures in the last six months, and the worst part is my bladder. This summer during pre-op I was hooked up to an IV wearing nothing but a hospital gown and made my way to the bathroom about five times in an hour, pulling my little tower behind me. You see, I not only have a nervous bladder, I have a weak bladder. Thank you, endometriosis.

Waiting for my egg retrieval on Tuesday (again hooked up to an IV and wearing only slightly more than nothing), I felt like I had to pee constantly. Two minutes after getting back in bed, my bladder was telling me I had to go again. Now, I hadn't had any liquids since midnight the night before, so I didn't actually have to go. But you try to tell my bladder that!

So, Sunday I'm supposed to have a full bladder for the procedure. I'm honestly more worried about that than the entire rest of the process.

For now, I guess I'll continue waking up in the middle of the night to think. And pee.


Sarah said...

1) restrict liquids
2) try to think of something else during it

I used to have a super tiny bladder and had to do bladder training.

If you have to pee during the procedure, text me and I'll pee on your behalf.

Raskind17 said...

I can't even imagine what I will be like if this IUI doesn't work and we go on to IVF next cycle. I don't even know HOW I will be able to sleep at all. Good luck though the upcoming nights (and days) and if Sarah can't pee for you, i will be right behind her to pee for you ;)
Fingers Crossed!

Mary said...

I'm usually up during the middle of the night, so if you're awake - hop onto facebook and we can chat. :)

i'll be thinking about you tomorrow. And, don't worry - I'll pee for you. :)

gringa78 said...

It's amazing how quickly you can fill a bladder...i had to pee about 1/2 hour before my ET, so I did and then chugged a huge bottle of water...everything was full before the transfer...sometimes it's full and you can't feel it yet. You'll do GREAT!! Best of luck tomorrow morning...I'll be thinking of you!!

LOVEDBYD said...

I'll be saying prayers for you!