Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Not wine

Minute Maid Pomegranate Blueberry blend. I've been drinking this in the evenings out of my favorite stemless wine glasses. It's the right color at least! And it has pomegranate juice and DHA, so it's much healthier than a glass of Shiraz. Not quite as much fun, but definitely a little more exciting than yet another glass of ice water.

Plus, I love their commercials. The one with the dude on the escalator? "Aren't you the father of one of my children?" I die a little bit laughing every time that one comes one. And bunny CPR with the static electricity that comes from rubbing a balloon on your head? That's pure advertising genius.

This is one case where I will buy the product solely because I love their ads. Oh, and J is in full agreement. I believe he will tell you the pomegranate tea blend is the bomb. I never thought I'd see my husband excited about juice.

Good job, Minute Maid!


Shannon said...

I love that you cant drink wine, love it.

Carly said...

i love that you put it in a wine glas :)

Sarah said...

I love those commercials as well!

I'm with Shannie - I'm so glad you're banned from wine for the next few months. :-D

Mary said...

I love that juice! And, ditto Shannon - I love that you can't drink wine! :)

Cat said...

I must add this to my fake wine list. And I too break out the wine glass!