Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Reality check

So, I had my progesterone checked this morning, and it's too low. It should be over 15 on a medicated cycle, and I'm at 10.5. There are some technical reasons why this may be okay (PIO injections vs. Endometrin), but what it boils down to is -- it's a reality check.

The nurse is telling me not to worry, some girls I know who have gone through this are telling me not to worry, but I reserve the right to worry all I want to. There are plenty of studies online that show that an early low progesterone level can indicate no pregnancy at all, or one that isn't going to be viable.

Honestly, this has been going entirely too smoothly, and it's not bad to get a little slap to bring me back to the here and now. After all, we had a 40% chance going in to this. It would be a freakin' miracle for this to work on the first try.

Don't get me wrong, I'm not giving up hope, I'm just reminded that sometimes all the hope and positivity in the world can't change an outcome.

I also learned yesterday that our two other blastocysts did not make it to freeze, so if we do this again, it will have to be another fresh cycle.

For such a short 2ww, it's now feeling like an eternity.


CC said...

Progesterone levels are a mind game... low can have a pregnancy, high can have no pregnancy.
I hope this 2ww speeds up for you. Fingers crossed and prayers sent.

Amy said...

So sorry you got a slap in the face. I'm still VERY hopeful for you!

Shannon said...

I know this has brought you down but just know you have so many people who are behind you to bring you up. Hang in there, I believe in you and in this cycle. Love you!

Lolo said...

I agree with CC.. I had really high progesterone one cycle, and I'm not ku. :) Hang in there..

Lyse2143 said...

I will never stop cheering you on. You won an award love. See my blog!

bbjoys said...

I've got my fingers crossed for you. I really hope this is it for you.

gringa78 said...

Don't read into progesterone!! It doesn't tell you, your embies are probably just wrapping up implantation now, so there wouldn't be any reflection in your prog numbers anyway. HANG IN THERE. I know what a complete mindfuck the 1ww is after's enough to make you totally cuckoo-a-looks. I am super, super hopeful that this is your cycle!!!!!

Sarah said...

How about this? I'll worry about it for you, and you just smile and be pretty?

I'm really hopeful for you babe.