Monday, June 1, 2009

37 and not trying

This is just a weird month. We've been trying to get knocked up for so long, I've forgotten what it feels like to try NOT to get pregnant. And the one month that good ol' Doc B asks us to abstain because of testing has to fall on my birthday. So now I feel old, and like I'm wasting a month.

In three years, I'll be 40. By that age, my parents had a kid in college.


Oh, and on a completely unrelated note, we decided this weekend that someone needs to invent a spork with a slightly serrated blade on the handle (think KFC plastic knife, not something that's gonna take off a finger) and we'll call it a Spornk. I think it's brilliant.

I was going to call it a Snork, but was afraid people would confuse it with these:
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Plus this way it has the word "porn" in it, which makes it seem a little dirty.


Shannon said...

I love you. And you will be a mama, a darn good one at that!

Carly said...

Before you even mentioned the porn part I was planning my comment to say something about spornk sounding dirty (although i wasn't think the porn route, more like the spunk route).

thirty-seven shmirty-seven - you are not an old lady, and you will be a fantastic mama Soon!

Sawyer Blume said...

I saw that exact thing at Eddie Bauer yesterday. No lie!

Anonymous said...

"thirty-seven shmirty-seven"! Word up to that, yo! (Oops, my age is sliding out.) But I agree!

And I believe I was the one to tell you not to call them "snorks" for just that reason.

Also, Eddie Bauer has enough money; give us our spornk (dirty or not)!